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the beginnings...

Tucked away in 85 acres of peaceful woods, valleys and lakes, Elements Outdoor Luxury Hotel was the perfect location to venture for our first photo shoot. Owner Nikki Laframboise offered us full access to her luxury tented camping retreat and unique spaces in which we experienced relaxation, invigoration and true inspiration.
stiffies and stilettos bike
It was an honor and pleasure to have entrepreneur women star in our first ever campaign. It was inspiring to watch women support women, while capturing the essence of stiffies and stilettos in such a genuine way. We celebrated their obstacles, their achievements and their bodies.

glitter ass
None of this project would have been possible without renowned photographer Jennifer Moher, and contributors Anna’s Lingerie and Swimwear, Beautiful Mess Hair Salon or Sugar.Society
Thank you to all who explored with us.
Nikki Laframboise, Owner
Anna Williamson, Owner, Anna’s Lingerie and Swimwear
Stacey Dawn, Owner, Sugar.Society
Megan Serson, Apprentice Makeup Artist, Sugar.Society
Jordanna Montgomery, Owner, Beautiful Mess Hair Salon
Tanya Sergeant, Owner, Beautiful Mess Hair Salon
Ro, Badass Yoga + Movement Teacher
Deborah Lepine, Maker, Creative Essentials
Courtney Kay, Photographer, Courtney Kay Photography
Tiffany Smiley, Grower, Urban Valley Farm
Carla Burgoyne, Zumba Booty-Shaker
Amy O'Connor, Photographer, ALOE Photography
Angela Talbot Montgomery
Sita MacDonald
sita stiffies and stilettos